Casa Falcone - Bed and Breakfast - Scala, Costiera Amalfitana
Casa Falcone - Bed and Breakfast - Scala, Costiera Amalfitana
Casa Falcone B&B - Costiera Amalfitana
Casa Falcone B&B - Costiera Amalfitana


The Amalfi Coast offers one of Italy’s most well known vacation destinations. For a pleasant and relaxing stay in one of Italy’s most popular venues, Casa Falcone B&B in the quiet village of Borgo di Minuta offers six rooms, each with en-suite bathrooms, T.V., tranquility and splendid vistas. Of course we cannot take credit for the last two qualities!


Borgo di Minuta is located in the “Comune” di Scala, a particularly panoramic position situated above the famous villages on the Divine Coast of Atrani and Ravello and the port area of Amalfi.


To view each room and to choose the one you prefer for your Amalfi Coast holiday, just select from the list.


From the names of the rooms to the story of our “home” you become immediately aware that our obsession is food! We decided to name our rooms after traditional local products in homage to the farming traditions of the region and to honor the man who originated the plan for Casa Falcone B&B, Ezio Falcone. He was the one who strongly believed in maintaining the ties of culture and gastronomy and in continuing to tell the story of the traditions of its people.


For this reason, don’t be surprised if you see recipes and stories of their origins in our rooms, on our website and on our Facebook page. 

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